Name: Jessica Vanessa
Occupation: Movie Actress
Gender: Female
Birth Day: April 13, 1992
Age: 32
Birth Place: Georgia
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Jessica Vanessa

Jessica Vanessa was born on 13 April 1992(32 years old) in Georgia. Jessica Vanessa is Movie Actress, Zodiac sign - Aries. More detail about Jessica Vanessa given below.

About Jessica Vanessa

Actress known for roles in films such as Perfectly Single and 'Til Death Us Do Part. She is also a social media influencer, with a significant following on Vine and Instagram.

Jessica Vanessa DeLeon is an American, internet personality and actress. DeLeon rose to prominence posting comedic videos to the social media application Vine and when Cosmopolitan Magazine wrote a feature naming her "The Woman Who Makes Six Figures Being A Professional Twerker".

Jessica Vanessa before fame

She posted her first Vine video, "What a good puppy", on May 4, 2013.

Achievement of Jessica Vanessa

She had over 2 million followers on Vine when it was shut down, and she now has over 950,000 followers on Instagram. A couple of her Vines were sponsored by Boost Mobile.

Salary 2020

Not known

Net Worth 2020


Jessica Vanessa family life

She was born in Georgia and raised in New York and Florida. She has a brother or sister.

Associations of Jessica Vanessa

On October 10, 2013, she posted a Vine of herself hanging out with NBA superstar Kyrie Irving.

Jessica Vanessa Height, Weight & Physique Measurements

Weight in kg - N/A
Height N/A
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A

Facts about Jessica Vanessa

  • With what social net did Jessica begin her performing?
  • Jessica Vanessa started from Vine application. It helped her earn her first money which exceeded her initial salary of a teacher assistant.
  • What social account of Jessica is most frequently viewed?
  • Jessica Vanessau0027s grace and beauty cannot leave people unemotional, so her Instagram is full of admired and viewed very often.
  • Jessica Vanessa has a pet which is a dog.
  • Jessica Vanessa has long straight hair.
  • Had Jessica had any other occupation before she started doing her work on the Internet?
  • Before becoming an Internet celebrity she was a teacher assistant?
  • Jessica Vanessa works out in a gym regularly.
  • Jessica Vanessa has feminine figure.
  • Who is Jessicau2019s most favourite collaborator in her creativity?
  • Jessica works together with Chris Jay who is a musician.
  • Jessica Vanessa likes wearing tight clothes.
  • What magazine wrote about Jessica?
  • Jessica Vanessa was interviewed by many issues. The warmest review on her work was given by Cosmopolitan. This magazine praised her ability to dance greatly.
  • Jessica Vanessa likes ice coffee.
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