Name: jydelgad0
Occupation: TikTok Star
Birth Day: November 8, 2002
Age: 21
Birth Place: Portland - Oregon
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


jydelgad0 was born on 8 November 2002(21 years old) in Oregon. jydelgad0 is TikTok Star, Zodiac sign - Scorpio. More detail about jydelgad0 given below.

About jydelgad0

TikTok celebrity recognized for trending topics and funny videos. His Instagram account now has over 1.3 million followers and 57 million likes.

jydelgad0 before fame

In November of this year, he released his first TikTok video, which has received over 600,000 views. His first TikTok video to reach one million views was a comedy video from December 2019 that featured Cutiethiccckums' sounds.

Achievement of jydelgad0

He started a YouTube channel where he posted his first video in May 2019. His YouTube channel now has over 10,000 subscribers.

jydelgad0 family life

He has five siblings, one of them is 6'4" tall.

Associations of jydelgad0

He frequently uploads TikToks with songs by well-known artists such as Mariah Carey and Xxxtentacion.

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jydelgad0 was born on 8 November 2002.

jydelgad0 is from Portland - Oregon.

jydelgad0 is 21 year old.