Name: Kovy
Occupation: YouTube Star
Birth Day: September 11, 1996
Age: 27
Birth Place: Czech Republic
Zodiac Sign: Virgo


Kovy was born on 11 September 1996(27 years old) in Czech Republic. Kovy is YouTube Star, Zodiac sign - Virgo. More detail about Kovy given below.

About Kovy

YouTube and social media sensation whose comedic voice has helped him earn more than 800,000 subscribers for his main TadyKovy channel. He also maintains Gameballcz, a parody gameplay channel with over 50 million cumulative views as of January 2017.

Kovy before fame

With his Gameballcz channel, which he launched in June of 2012, he was the first to register for YouTube.

Achievement of Kovy

In addition to his YouTube fame, he has more than 750,000 Instagram followers and 310,000 Twitter followers.

Kovy family life

He was born and raised in the Czech Republic.

Associations of Kovy

Honza Macák is one of the YouTubers who has been featured on his channels.

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Kovy was born on 11 September 1996.

Kovy is from Czech Republic.

Kovy is 27 year old.