Name: Lauren Orlando
Occupation: YouTube Star
Gender: Female
Birth Day: November 6, 2004
Age: 19
Birth Place: Mississauga - Canada
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
DOB in Roman: XI.VI.MMIV

Lauren Orlando

Lauren Orlando was born on 6 November 2004(19 years old) in Canada. Lauren Orlando is YouTube Star, Zodiac sign - Scorpio. More detail about Lauren Orlando given below.

About Lauren Orlando

In March of 2013, Johnny Orlando's younger sister launched her own YouTube vlog channel. She initially starred as Kate in the Brat series Total Eclipse, and then in the 2019 film Next Level.

Lauren Orlando before fame

She grew up enjoying dance and hockey. She began appearing in Johnny's YouTube videos when she was seven years old.

Achievement of Lauren Orlando

In April 2015, she collaborated with Hayden Summerall on the video"TIN CAN CHALLENGE". Lauren Orlando's TikTok account, laurenorlando, has over 5 million followers.

Salary 2020

about $100,000 per year

Net Worth 2020

$28,841 - $437,436

Lauren Orlando family life

Her younger sister, Darian, makes and edits all of her videos. Maddie, her other sister, co-hosts The Sister Diary, a podcast she launched in 2019. Her parents are Meredith and Dale Orlando.

Associations of Lauren Orlando

She shared a video of herself during an Austin Mahone performance in Toronto in 2014.

Lauren Orlando Height, Weight & Physique Measurements

Weight in kg - N/A
Height N/A
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A

Facts about Lauren Orlando

  • Lauren Orlando may be found in almost all of her brotheru0027s videos (not at once sometimes)
  • Lauren wants to have ten dogs one day;
  • What kind of videos does she make?
  • Lauren primarily makes typical vlogs, challenges, and all things like that.
  • What is known about her personality?
  • Lauren is famous, yet she struggles with insecurity and shyness. Lauren Orlando often finds it difficult to interact with others.
  • Lauren Orlando is surprised how come that all people in entertainment industry know each other.
  • On one of the videos she posted Johnny does her makeup - this type of videos went viral a couple of years ago but usually they feature boyfriends;
  • What other celebrities does she know?
  • Lauren, unsurprisingly, is familiar with most of other internet celebrities of nearly the same age.
  • Lauren Orlando posts videos with her brother on her channel just like he did on his;
  • What are Laurenu0027s hobbies?
  • Lauren Orlando used to dance and play hockey.
  • What boosted Laurenu0027s fame?
  • Lauren became recognized at the age of 7 when her brother Johnny started showing her in his videos - the boy became an internet sensation and so did the Lauren. When she created her own YouTube account in 2013 she was already a star.
  • Laurenu0027s YouTube is called LaurenLogs, which is kind of very witty;

Lauren Orlando Timeline

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