Name: Lucy Davis
Occupation: YouTube Star
Birth Day: November 10, 1996
Age: 27
Birth Place: England
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Lucy Davis

Lucy Davis was born on 10 November 1996(27 years old) in England. Lucy Davis is YouTube Star, Zodiac sign - Scorpio. More detail about Lucy Davis given below.

About Lucy Davis

Lucy Davis Fitness is a well-known YouTube fitness channel that is maintained by a fitness expert. Her training focuses on weight lifting, which she began after retiring from professional swimming in 2015. She provides tips on living a healthy lifestyle, as well as ideas and examples.

Lucy Davis before fame

She was a competitive swimmer and gymnast as a child, but she discontinued gymnastics at the age of ten because she was afraid of injuring herself.

Achievement of Lucy Davis

Many of her workouts target specific body parts, and her most popular YouTube video,"Grow Your Glutes | The Booty Workout You NEED To Do", has over one million views.

Lucy Davis family life

Her father is credited for inspiring her to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Associations of Lucy Davis

Jordan Edwards is another fitness instructor who has created her own workout regimen.

Top Facts You Did Not Know About Lucy Davis

Those who were educated at King Edward VI Girls' High School in Birmingham. English radio actresses. The English voice actress. British soap opera actresses

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Lucy Davis was born on 10 November 1996.

Lucy Davis is from England.

Lucy Davis is 27 year old.