Name: Mike Murga
Occupation: Movie Actor
Birth Day: October 19, 1979
Age: 44
Birth Place: Decin - Czech Republic
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Mike Murga

Mike Murga was born on 19 October 1979(44 years old) in Czech Republic. Mike Murga is Movie Actor, Zodiac sign - Libra. More detail about Mike Murga given below.

About Mike Murga

Also known as Mighty Mike Murga, he is a multi-talented entertainer with acting experience in film, television, theater, commercials and music videos. He's also a DJ who can sing, rap, and play guitar.

Mike Murga before fame

He came from a circus family and began performing on stage with Motley Crue and Britney Spears in 2005.

Achievement of Mike Murga

He was ordained as a minister.

Mike Murga family life

He was born in Decin, Czech Republic, and relocated to California later in life.

Associations of Mike Murga

As a small person, he has taken on the roles of Mini Eminem, Mini Elvis, Mini Deadmau5, and others.

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Mike Murga was born on 19 October 1979.

Mike Murga is from Decin - Czech Republic.

Mike Murga is 44 year old.