Name: Miroslav Georgeff
Occupation: TikTok Star
Gender: Male
Birth Day: August 20, 1997
Age: 26
Birth Place: Bulgaria
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Miroslav Georgeff

Miroslav Georgeff was born on 20 August 1997(26 years old) in Bulgaria. Miroslav Georgeff is TikTok Star, Zodiac sign - Leo. More detail about Miroslav Georgeff given below.

About Miroslav Georgeff

TikTok lip sync and comedy video creator has over 650,000 followers on his mirogeorgeff account.


He created an Instagram account called Conspiracy Plots to post daily conspiracy theories and plots which are not his own. 

Miroslav Georgeff before fame

He got increasingly active on social media in 2016.

Achievement of Miroslav Georgeff

He created the Instagram account Conspiracy Conspiracies to showcase daily conspiracy ideas and plans that aren't his own.

Salary 2020

Not known

Net Worth 2020


Miroslav Georgeff family life

He was born in Bulgaria and moved to the United States later in life.

Associations of Miroslav Georgeff

He used Luke Christopher's"Lot To Learn" in one of his TikTok videos.

Miroslav Georgeff Height, Weight & Physique Measurements

Weight in kg - N/A
Height N/A
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A

Facts about Miroslav Georgeff

  • Miro took the song of Luke Christopher called u201cLot to Learnu201d for one of his videos he published on and Instagram.
  • When did he become an active social media user?
  • Social media platforms became a part of his life in 2016.
  • The Instagram user,, created a digital anime portrait of Miro in April 2018. However, this picture hasnu2019t garnered many likes.
  • Miroslav Georgeff often jokes that he has invented something. For instance, it was his idea to sit on a bench or love people.
  • What was his first post on Instagram?
  • Miro published the first photo in May 2016. Miroslav Georgeff wore a nice suiting costume on that picture.
  • Has he got the second account on Instagram?
  • It is the page titled u2018Conspiracy Plots.u2019 On a daily basis, the young man posts interesting conspiracy theories and plots on that account. The number of fans is lesser than on his main page, in particular, only 7 thousand people.
  • On his Instagram account, the young man often calls himself ugly but it is just a joke.
  • One of his photos on Instagram is a selfie of his selfie.
  • What is his favourite kind of sports?
  • The young up-and-coming star enjoys playing ping pong.
  • Miroslav Georgeff usually makes posts on Instagram once in a week.

Miroslav Georgeff Timeline

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