Name: Pokimane
Occupation: Twitch Star
Gender: Female
Birth Day: May 14, 1996
Age: 28
Birth Place: Morocco
Zodiac Sign: Taurus


Pokimane was born on 14 May 1996(28 years old) in Morocco. Pokimane is Twitch Star, Zodiac sign - Taurus. More detail about Pokimane given below.

About Pokimane

With over 7 million followers on Twitch and over 6 million subscribers on YouTube, he is a League of Legends, Among Us, and Fortnite Twitch superstar and YouTuber. On both channels, she is frequently seen sharing stories, cracking jokes, and unboxing geek subscription packages.

Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane, is a Canadian-Moroccan Internet personality. She is currently the most-followed woman channel on Twitch. She is best known for her live streams on Twitch, broadcasting video game content, most notably in League of Legends and Fortnite. She is a member and co-founder of OfflineTV, an online social entertainment group of content creators.

Pokimane before fame

At McMaster University, she majored in chemical engineering.

Achievement of Pokimane

"Stream Highlight With Corobizar and ImSoFresh!" from March 5th, 2015 is one of her most popular YouTube videos. She has an ASMR channel named Poki ASMR in addition to her primary YouTube account.

Salary 2020

around $30,000 per month

Net Worth 2020

$2,054,604 - $3,876,612

Pokimane family life

Her real name is Imane, but she goes by the nickname Amy. She is bilingual (English and French). She has a sibling.

Associations of Pokimane

Nikki Smith, a friend of hers, is also a huge Twitch streamer.

Pokimane Height, Weight & Physique Measurements

Weight in kg - N/A
Height N/A
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A

Facts about Pokimane

  • How does Imane make people happy?
  • Pokimane has a special ASMR channel where she creates a special content that triggers the peopleu2019s nerves and that really helps people to relax and get rid of their bad feelings due to her videos.
  • Pokimane can speak Arabic (darija, the Moroccan dialect).
  • Pokimane likes using dirty language.
  • Is Imane focused only on her Internet activity?
  • Imane likes to be in virtual reality but she also enjoys studies and real life. Pokimane studies chemistry and engineering. Pokimane is a language learner and a keen reader.
  • Pokimane likes to make dirty jokes.
  • What is her specialization?
  • Imane is specialized in making jokes and in raising peopleu2019s mood. Pokimane is a witty girl who can make fun of anything.
  • Pokimane can speak French.
  • Pokimane enjoys language learning.
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