Name: Prettyboyfredo
Occupation: YouTube Star
Birth Day: August 20, 1993
Age: 30
Birth Place: Palm Beach - Florida
Zodiac Sign: Leo


Prettyboyfredo was born on 20 August 1993(30 years old) in Florida. Prettyboyfredo is YouTube Star, Zodiac sign - Leo. More detail about Prettyboyfredo given below.

About Prettyboyfredo

Alfredo Villa, better known on YouTube as prettyboyfredo, is a YouTuber. Because of his mix of pranks, challenges, vlogs, and NBA 2K videos, he has over 7 million subscribers. He's also the creator of Fredo & Jas, a couples' channel that was previously known as The 2x Family.

Prettyboyfredo before fame

He launched his YouTube channel in June 2009, however he didn't post any original content until October 2014, when he posted"NBA 2K15 Xbox 360 Review & Gameplay".

Achievement of Prettyboyfredo

He has over 550,000 followers on Twitch and plays a variety of games in addition to NBA 2K. He enrolled in and began his studies at the University of Central Florida.

Prettyboyfredo family life

He and his partner Jasmine had their first child, Ava, on November 11, 2017. He proposed on October 21, 2018, however they separated up in the middle of 2019.

Associations of Prettyboyfredo

He played against NBA player Archie Goodwin in an NBA 2K16 game that he broadcasted on his channel.

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Prettyboyfredo was born on 20 August 1993.

Prettyboyfredo is from Palm Beach - Florida.

Prettyboyfredo is 30 year old.