Name: Sheikh Akbar
Occupation: YouTube Star
Gender: Male
Birth Day: November 4, 1993
Age: 30
Birth Place: Brooklyn - New York
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Sheikh Akbar

Sheikh Akbar was born on 4 November 1993(30 years old) in New York. Sheikh Akbar is YouTube Star, Zodiac sign - Scorpio. More detail about Sheikh Akbar given below.

About Sheikh Akbar

TrueStoryASA, a collective YouTube vlog and prank channel, has made her a social media sensation. His mission is to share positive thoughts and make his viewers happy.

Sheikh Akbar before fame

He was studying criminal justice to become a lawyer before entering the YouTube realm. On New Year's Eve of 2011, he and Adam Saleh launched their collaboration YouTube account, with their debut video being uploaded on January 6, 2012.

Achievement of Sheikh Akbar

With over 90,000 Instagram followers, he has a sizable following. He enrolled at John Jay College to study criminal justice.

Salary 2020

Not known

Net Worth 2020


Sheikh Akbar family life

His parents are from Bangladesh and he was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was born into a family with three brothers and a sister.

Associations of Sheikh Akbar

He worked with Adam Saleh on videos till he left TrueStoryASA.

Sheikh Akbar Height, Weight & Physique Measurements

Weight in kg - N/A
Height N/A
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Hair Color N/A

Facts about Sheikh Akbar

  • To what channel does Sheikh belong?
  • Sheikh Akbar is a member of the channel which is called u2018True Story Asau2019. It is a special channel which members upload prank and challenge videos.
  • What is the general aim of the content that Sheikh creates?
  • Sheikh Akbar wants to amuse the people and make their life at least a little bit more interesting.
  • Sheikh Akbar enjoys oriental dishes.
  • What is the life position of Sheikh?
  • Sheikh Akbar thinks that every man should be grateful for everything he has. The feeling of gratitude is one of the most important emotions in our life.
  • Who is his constant partner and collaborator?
  • It is Adam Saleh. Sheikh Akbar is a model and musician. Sheikh Akbar is a famous You Tuber as well.
  • What was his specialization at the university?
  • Sheikh Akbar majored in the sphere of justice and law.
  • Sheikh Akbar admires sports cars.
  • Does Sheikh create only funny videos and posts?
  • Sheikh can also be serious. Sheikh Akbar is a socially aware person who is interested in the events that happen in the world. In one of his posts he spoke about the sorrow of the people who have suffered because of the earthquake in Iraq.
  • Sheikh Akbar is of Bangladesh origin.
  • What is Sheikhu2019s most favourite type of videos?
  • Sheikh Akbar likes pranking and reaction videos most of all.
  • Sheikh Akbar often wears sunglasses.

Sheikh Akbar Timeline

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