Name: thats_so_iyah
Occupation: TikTok Star
Birth Day: October 29, 1999
Age: 24
Birth Place: United States
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


thats_so_iyah was born on 29 October 1999(24 years old) in United States. thats_so_iyah is TikTok Star, Zodiac sign - Scorpio. More detail about thats_so_iyah given below.

About thats_so_iyah

Her 19ordinary girl19 account, where she posts dance, trend, and couple TikToks, has made her a TikTok sensation. Her Instagram account has over 460,000 followers and over 8 million likes.

thats_so_iyah before fame

Her first TikTok was a video of her fighting with her brother, which received over 50,000 likes. In November 2020, her TikTok account surpassed 10,000 followers.

Achievement of thats_so_iyah

Her first TikTok to reach one million views was in October 2020, when her fiancé pulled her hair back while she brushed her teeth. In July 2019, she launched a YouTube channel and posted her debut video.

thats_so_iyah family life

She and her Polish fiancé, Rafal, frequently post TikToks and YouTube videos together. The pair frequently discusses their 20-year age difference.

Associations of thats_so_iyah

Dua Lipa and Surf Mesa are among the artists whose music she has used in TikToks.

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thats_so_iyah was born on 29 October 1999.

thats_so_iyah is from United States.

thats_so_iyah is 24 year old.