Name: Yonatan Solomon
Occupation: TikTok Star
Birth Day: November 15, 2000
Age: 23
Birth Place: Denmark
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
DOB in Roman: XI.XV.MM

Yonatan Solomon

Yonatan Solomon was born on 15 November 2000(23 years old) in Denmark. Yonatan Solomon is TikTok Star, Zodiac sign - Scorpio. More detail about Yonatan Solomon given below.

About Yonatan Solomon

On his manlikeyon account, he is recognized for sharing relatable skits in short form humor. His style of humour has helped him amass a fan base of over 600,000 Instagram followers.

Yonatan Solomon before fame

In April of 2020, he made his TikTok debut. A lip sync to Eddie Murphy's lines from the film Coming to America is one of his earlier TikToks.

Achievement of Yonatan Solomon

With over 2 million views, one of his elementary school classroom parodies went viral.

Yonatan Solomon family life

Esa m.n is his girlfriend's Instagram handle.

Associations of Yonatan Solomon

He prepared a spoof video on Meek Mill's reaction to learning that Nicki Minaj is expecting a child.

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Yonatan Solomon was born on 15 November 2000.

Yonatan Solomon is from Denmark.

Yonatan Solomon is 23 year old.